How many hours can you actually be productive in a day?

Why this question matters — setting the right expectations

What is considered productive work?

  • writing
  • programming
  • generating ideas
  • solving problems
  • filing & entering data
  • planning
  • designing
  • illustrating

How to track how much time you actually work

Time tracking single tasks

Automatic time trackers

Pomodoro technique

How many productive hours do knowledge workers average in a day?

An interesting study

Data from time tracking software RescueTime

Why should these averages matter to you?

What is the upper productivity range?

Analyzing tracked time from employees

Planning estimates

A note on mental effort

My personal experience

What about other people?

Amazing Marvin users




The variance in task energy requirements

The limiting factor of productivity

Should you aim for the maximum each day?

The concept of productivity debt

Finding your personal sweet spot and maximum

An important point — productivity is not just about time logged

But, I know this guy who works 100 hour weeks…

TLDR: How many hours a day should I aim for per day?



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Christina Willner

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